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‘Tis the Season for the Best Holiday Brunch!

‘Tis the Season for the Best Holiday Brunch!

‘Tis the Season for the Best Holiday Brunch!

Experience the childhood joy and excitement of waking up on Christmas morning all over again with an indulgent holiday brunch! The kids will be bursting at the seams ready to open presents, and these tasty recipes will have you just as excited. Spread the holiday cheer by starting the day with a warm, cozy drink, then pile on the pancakes before diving into a savory omelet. These recipes are handpicked for the holidays from our family to yours! 

Tahini Frosted Cinnamon Bun  Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa  Tahini Challah French Toast

Spiced Vanilla Bean Café Au Lait
Upgrade your coffee and add some holiday cheer! This homemade vanilla bean tahini adds the perfect touch of sweetness to warm frothy milk and the sprinkle of cinnamon reminds you you’re home for the holidays. 

Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa
If coffee isn't your thing, warm up with Hot Cocoa! The perfect way to warm up while the kids open presents. Make your mugs extra special by adding a tiny splash of peppermint extract or a mini candy cane!

Frosted Tahini Cinnamon Buns 
Skip the ready-to-bake cinnamon buns and get the whole family in the kitchen for an ooey-gooey, irresistible treat! Dripping with sweet frosting and filled with flavor, you’ll want to make an extra batch to save for later. 

Zach Engel’s Challah French Toast
Day-old challah makes the best french toast! The crispy edges and fluffy inside are calling for a drizzle of tahini and date syrup. Add a dollop of fruit preserves and brunch is served!
Halvah Berry Bread Pudding with Tahini Drizzle
When Adeena Sussman shared this recipe with us, we just knew it would make the most perfect, indulgent brunch dish to share. 
Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Tahini Caramel Sauce
You don't have to stop enjoying pumpkin spice just because it's December! Pumpkin adds just the right holiday warmth to this Pumpkin Bread Pudding that we think would be perfect for a big family brunch spread. And that Tahini Caramel Sauce!

Buckwheat Banana Bread Pancakes 

A stack of hearty pancakes is always a good choice! This recipe is like digging into the most scrumptious banana bread with a topping of crunchy, candied walnuts. 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal
Add a spoonful of soft caramelized apples on top of this decadent oatmeal bake! Nothing goes together quite like Chocolate Tahini and peanut butter.

Chocolate Tahini Babka
Like cinnamon bun bread, Babka is soft, decadent and pulls apart into layers of nutty Chocolate Tahini swirls. We can’t get enough of babka! 

Mediterranean Eggs Benedict with Tahini Hollandaise
Thought Eggs Benedict was too complicated? Think again! This recipe is easy to make and the bright, silky-smooth hollandaise sauce takes it to another level.

Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs and Tahini Chipotle Lime Crema
A one skillet dish that’s bursting with cheesy goodness! The smoky spiced tomatoes add depth and flavor. A fantastic choice for serving family style, just grab some tortillas and dig in! 

Veggie Quiche with Lemon Herb Tahini
Better than scrambled eggs, this quiche can be prepared the night before and warmed up while everyone is tending to the gifts. If you have leftover Lemon Herb Tahini, pair it with salmon for a fantastic dinner. 

Vegan Omelet
This recipe features one of our favorite flavor combos… tahini and nutritional yeast! The combination transforms ordinary tofu into a pillowy-soft, earthy bed for your favorite sautéed veggies. Our favorite filling includes mushrooms, onions, and greens. Top with hot sauce and you’ve got one heck of a tasty meal!

Vegan Tahini Omlet  Mediterranean Eggs Benedict with Tahini Hollandaise  Egg Quiche with Lemon Herb Tahini

Whether you’re decked out in holiday pajamas, or showing off your brand new sweater, coming together with loved ones for a holiday meal serves up a whole lotta love and cheer! 

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