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the benefits of sesame

Food is meant to nourish your body and your tastebuds! By offering food made from wholesome ingredients, Soom hopes to make healthier eating easy and inspiring. Our tahini boasts a wealth of benefits because of the amazing sesame seed. This tiny but mighty seed is considered a superfood by many since it’s crammed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Plus, each serving of Soom Premium Tahini has 6g of plant-based protein! Who knew one little seed could do so much?

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the secret is in the seeds

You can't make the best tahini without the best sesame seeds! For our tahini, we source sesame seeds grown where the soil and weather conditions are perfect for producing plump seeds with a mild, nutty flavor. At harvest time, sesame stalks are hand-cut and shaken to release the seeds from their pods before being ground into rich, buttery Soom Tahini.

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sustainable sesame

Sesame is a drought tolerant crop (that thrives where other crops fail) and doesn't require special harvesting equipment, making it a more accessible crop for farmers around the globe!

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Sesame uses 800+ gallons less water per pound to produce than almonds

Sesame adds beneficial nutrients to the soil

Sesame's deep roots enables it to use nutrients other crops can't reach

Sesame is naturally disease and pest resistant

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