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Hey Giant shoppers!

Now you can make the best hummus at home when you pick up a jar of Soom! Now through the end of July, you can find our 11oz Premium Tahini at 55 Giant locations throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania!

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the secret is in the seeds

We source the highest quality sesame seeds to create a mildly nutty, silky-smooth tahini that's easy to mix!


We source seeds with a high oil-to-meat ratio and blend them to perfection using age old techniques. The result is a silky-smooth consistency that can't be beat!

easy to mix

Because of our premium seeds and special grinding process, Soom tahini separates less than the others. If you do need to mix, it's quick and easy, unlike those other rock hard brands.

mild nutty flavor

High quality seeds that are roasted at the right temperatures result in tahini that is mildly nutty and not overly bitter. Soom tahini brings balance and flavor to any dish!

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owners of soom foods

there's no place like the kitchen table

to bring us together as a family. We think the taste and versatility you’ll find in every jar of Soom will draw your family and friends to the table, too!

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Our 11oz Organic Tahini and 11oz Premium Tahini are now available in over 1,300 Publix stores! Head to the Kosher section to pick up a jar or two anytime you're in need of tahini.

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discover 100+ uses

explore our FREE recipe library for hundreds of mouth-watering recipes!

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pressed from the best

"As a die-hard tahini fan, I can honestly say that Soom is the most luscious and flavorful I've ever had. Best of all, it DOES NOT SEPARATE - no more sludge forming at the bottom of the jar! It's ready for any recipe - dressings, hummus, sauces."-Hilary A.

"This is my absolute favorite tahini. It’s smooth & nutty. I’ve found other brands to taste bitter, but I’ve never run in to that in the couple of years that I’ve been using Soom."-Shar T.

"To say that I am a fan is an understatement. Your dark chocolate tahini is exceptional! The addition of the sea salt enhances the chocolate flavor without it being too salty. I often use a bit of pink salt as a flavor enhancer, but no need with this tahini. My primary use for this product is to add to yogurt, it is really very good. I highly recommend this product."-Linda C.

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