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Soom's Top 10 Recipes

Soom's Top 10 Recipes

Soom's Top 10 Recipes

Whether you're a Soom super fan, or just looking to try something new. We are confident that you are going to love these recipes. There's a reason people return to them over and over again! From the deep sesame flavor, to the fun flare on classic favorites, Soom just makes food better!


 #1 Easiest Homemade Hummus

You can't make the best hummus without the best tahini! This quick and easy version will have you re-thinking ever buying the store-bought version again.


#2 Tahini Miso Ramen

Year after year, this ramen remains in our top 10 recipes! It's not just your average ramen either. Tahini lends a hand to create a comforting depth of flavor. You're gonna want to bookmark it for sure!


#3 Goldie Tehina Shakes

We can't get enough of Goldie’s Tehina Shakes! So it's no surprise to us that they made it to our top 10! Truly so creamy and decadent - it's love at first sip! Next time you're in Philly, be sure to visit a Goldie location to try the vegan treat that took the city by storm.


#4 Garlic Yogurt Tahini Dip

The perfect dip for a plate of sliced veggies or crispy pita chips! Try it out next time you're entertaining.


#5 Best Ever Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

There's only one way to find out if these cookies really are the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies... you gotta bake them! Made with 3 types of chocolate, we know all the chocoholics out there are bound to love them!


#6 Creamy Tahini Caesar Dressing

A tahini based caesar dressing is absolute perfection! You totally won't missed the bottled stuff filled with artificial ingredients from the grocery store.


#7 Thai Coconut-Tahini Tofu Curry 

Not only is this Thai Coconut Curry ready in just 30 minutes, but it's jam-packed with flavor! Use your favorite red thai curry paste and swirl in a few tablespoons of tahini while it simmers in the creamy coconut milk broth. 


#8 Best Basic Lemon Tahini Sauce 

If you're new to cooking with tahini, we suggest you start here! A basic tahini lemon sauce will liven up any salad, roasted veggies, or falafel and rice.


#9 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tahini Brownies

Who needs the boxed mix when you can make the fudgiest brownies with only 6 ingredients?! 


#10 Maple Tahini Granola

A handful of wholesome ingredients will get you the best homemade granola. Try adding a sprinkle over a yogurt bowl, with an extra drizzle of tahini too! 

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