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Luscious Desserts that Make our Top 10 List!

Dark Chocolate Tahini Swirl Bundt Cake

Sure, Soom Tahini is the reason behind the creamiest hummus you’ve ever had, but there’s so much more to tahini! Luscious and velvety smooth, tahini is the secret ingredient in some of our favorite desserts of all time. And who doesn’t love a sweet little treat every now and then? So what are you waiting for… dive into these divine desserts right now! 


Tahini Sugar Cookies

Golden sesame cookies fromThe Tahini Table are packed with a rich earthy flavor and a mellow buttery finish. These buttery tahini sugar cookies are simple to make and even more wonderful to eat. Finish them off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a touch of sugar to add a delightful crunch to each bite.


Rachella’s Tahini Carrot Cake

Rachella’s Tahini Carrot Cake, dubbed “melt-in-your-mouth cake” has the best of everything. Soom Tahini makes this the moistest, most flavorful carrot cake you’ll ever try! Cinnamon and allspice bring warmth and walnuts add the perfect crunchy surprise. Smother the cake in the most heavenly cream cheese frosting and add black and white sesame seeds for a simple yet stunning decoration that really impresses!  


Chocolate Tahini Babka

Chocolate Tahini Babka, a sweet Eastern European inspired enriched bread, pulls apart to reveal delectable flakey layers and swirls of rich Chocolate Tahini. Enjoy it for dessert or with fruit and coffee for the perfect brunch. 


Pumpkin Tahini Cheesecake Bites

Seasonally flavored cheesecake you can pop in your mouth? We’ll take a dozen! These bite-sized treats are healthier than a classic cheesecake but still pack a flavorful punch. Soom Tahini teams up with Greek yogurt and pumpkin puree for the silkiest, creamiest dessert you’ll try this season. Take it to the next level by topping with whipped cream and a drizzle of Soom Silan. 


Salted Dark Chocolate Tahini Brownies

These 6-ingredient better-than-boxed brownies boast triple the chocolate-y goodness with Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Tahini, cocoa powder, and melted chocolate chips. Now that’s a decadent dessert! You’d never suspect they’re also gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and rich in heart-healthy fats.


The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Our Best Ever Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies are a step-up from the classic with crispy edges, puddles of chocolatey goodness, and a little hint of caramel. Save room because with these cookies, you can’t just have one. 


Chocolate Tahini Pistachio Baklava

Flaky pastry is the perfect vessel, nestling chopped pistachios and silky Chocolate Tahini between its layers. The silan simple syrup drizzled over the top makes the pastry tender and adds depth to this delectable vegan dessert.  Make ahead of time for a ready-to-serve treat for your next get-together with friends. 


Silan & Tahini Banana Bread

This moist and fluffy Silan and Tahini Banana Bread is a great way to kick start your morning or brighten your afternoon. Soom Silan adds sweet depth of flavor while tahini elevates the flavor beyond your typical banana bread. 


Dark Chocolate Tahini Swirl Bundt Cake

This multi-layered marvel is the love child of dark chocolate brownies and ultra-moist pound cake. The ribbon of Soom Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Tahini in the center makes for a fudgy, sweet surprise. For extra decadence, pour extra Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Tahini overtop right before serving because... why not?! 


Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookie Dough Bites

Enjoy these 5-ingredient, two-bite treats as a filling snack or satisfying answer to your midday cravings. Rich in heart-healthy fats and naturally gluten-free, these no-bake bites are nutritious alternatives to the classic tubes of cookie dough. A treat that tastes great AND makes you feel good? What’s not to love!


Dairy-Free Chocolate Tahini Honey Cake

Honey cake is a traditional dessert for many holidays, but our extra chocolatey version will make you want to enjoy it every day of the week! The richness of Soom Chocolate Tahini is what makes this dairy-free dessert not only possible, but even more delectable than plain honey cake. 

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