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Level Up Your Ice Cream with These Game Changing Toppings

Level Up Your Ice Cream with These Game Changing Toppings

ice cream toppings

Ask 100 people what they’re favorite thing about summer is, and 110 of them will say it’s ice cream! We’re constantly looking for new ways to enjoy cool, creamy ice cream and there’s no doubt that tahini and ice cream are a dynamic duo. Tahini is even the key key ingredient in one of our favorite homemade ice cream flavors. It adds incredible creaminess and rich flavor, but unlike heavy creams, tahini also offers nutrients and healthy fats! Check our incredible recipe for No-Churn Dairy-Free Tahini Ice Cream and play around with a little by using different tahini flavors and swirling in your favorite mix-ins. If you’re not ready to make your own ice cream yet, our friends at Brave Robothave some delicious flavors we think you’ll love!

No Churn Tahini Ice Cream with Silan Swirls

Now that you’ve got the ice cream covered, let’s talk toppings! Of course, our go-to topping is always tahini! With four flavors to choose from, you can mix it up to fit any mood. But who needs just one topping? We say, “pile them on!” Here are a few of our favorite flavor combos for topping creamy, cool ice cream: 

  • Chocolate Tahini and pretzel pieces give you the salty sweet flavor we all love with a lot of added crunch! 
  • Recreate a childhood classic, Rocky Road, by adding Chocolate Tahini, mini marshmallows, and almond pieces
  • Add some heat by drizzling on chili sauce (we like Fly By Jing) and Chocolate Tahini. You’ll be shocked at how delicious this combo is! 
  • Keep it simple and add Vanilla Bean Tahini with rainbow sprinkles (or Jimmies if you’re from Philly!) for a birthday cake flavored treat
  • Believe it or not, plain Tahini is a great ice cream topping, too. It balances out the sweetness of the ice cream and adds depth. Toss on some chocolate chips or honey if you've got a sweet tooth. 
  • Crushed up ice cream cones or graham crackers with Vanilla Tahini is like a little kid’s dream!
  • You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. There are so many possibilities… pineapple, coconut and Vanilla Bean Tahini for a pina colada vibe? Strawberries and Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt for a more traditional approach? Let your imagination run wild!
  • Whip up a batch of Maple Tahini Granola and toss a generous handful on top of your ice cream. (Once you try this granola, you’ll never want store-bought again!) Add some fresh fruit it you want to be fancy.
  • This is not a joke… really good quality olive oil or balsamic vinegar (we love  Kosterina) with a drizzle of Chocolate Tahini. SOOOOO GOOD! 
  • Make a strong cup of coffee, mix in 2 tablespoons of Chocolate Tahini, then pour it on vanilla ice cream. Like an affogato but better! (Are we even allowed to say that?)
  • Remember those magical sauces that harden into a crunchy shell when you pour them on cold ice cream? You can make them with tahini! Pick your favorite tahini flavor and follow Adeena Sussman's recipe. You're never going to eat ice cream without a magic shell again! 
  • Go all out and build a banana split with 3 scoops of your favorite ice cream flavors, then top each scoop with a different flavor of Soom Tahini

These ideas are just to get you started. The options really are endless! Whatever topping you choose, go forth and enjoy the summer with plenty of ice cream by your side!

ice cream sundae with Soom Chocolate Tahini

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