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8 Memorial Day Must-Have Recipes!

tahini pasta salad

Fire up the grill and kick off the summer season with a Memorial Day barbecue! With thousands of recipes floating around the internet it might be hard to narrow down the best sides and desserts for your menu, but we’re making it easy! We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes to make your guests happy as you welcome the warmer months together. 

Mayo-free Tahini Slaw is dairy free and perfect for your summer BBQ

Mayo-Free Tahini Coleslaw

This vegan-friendly tahini coleslaw combines crunchy cabbage with a luscious tahini sauce, upping the standard for slaw. Cilantro and scallions add pops of fresh, bright flavor. This completely plant-based dish will redefine a must-have outdoor dining essential!

Dreamy, Creamy Hummus

You can’t make the best hummus without the best ingredients! We curated ahummus starter kitwith the highest quality ingredients so you can have everything you need to whip up the best ever hummus within arms reach. Once you try our hummus recipe, you’ll never go back to store bought! Serve it with a crudite platter or spread it on a grilled bun to bring a garlicky kick to your burger.

Creamy Tahini Caesar Dressing

This Caesar tahini dressing is incredibly delicious and insanely creamy, but completely free of dairy and oil! Take your Caesar salad up a notch with this nutritious take on a classic.

Greek Tahini Pasta Salad

A perfect pasta salad that tastes indulgent and satisfying while remaining light and bright. The creamy tahini red wine vinaigrette perfectly coats each noodle, while the tomatoes and carrots provide crunch and texture. Toss in Kalamata olives for a briny treat and top with feta for a side dish exploding with flavor!

Grilled Eggplant with Garlicky Yogurt Tahini Sauce

From the smoky, charred eggplant to the creamy, sumptuous tahini sauce, this recipe channels the irresistible flavors of a Middle-Eastern classic: baba ghanoush. Enjoy it as a main or served alongside your favoriteshawarma seasoned protein

Blueberry Pie Bars are pie you can take with you!

Tahini Blueberry Pie Pars 

If we had to choose just one dessert to serve at our summer barbecues, these pie pars would win time and time again. They’re scrumptious by themselves, or purely addictive with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Rhubarb Tahini Galette

The whole crew will be singing your praises when you bring out this show-stopping, rustic galette. Filled with fresh strawberries, rhubarb, lemon, vanilla, and a secret ingredient – tahini! The tahini gives a touch of nuttiness to balance the sweet berries and the tart rhubarb. Round out your barbecue spread with a dessert that hits all of the right notes.

Goldie Tahini Shakes are better than classic milkshakes! They're dairy-free, vegan, and oh so creamy!

Goldie Tehina Shakes

What’s more patriotic than a milkshake? Goldie’s Tehina Shakes may not be your conventional shake, but they're just as rich and satisfying. Soom Premium Tahini lends its nutty flavor into this gratifying treat that will become a family favorite after just one sip! They’re easy to make and completely dairy-free. It’s sure to be the runaway hit at your Memorial Day barbecue!

Whether you’re celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend in your backyard with family, or heading down the shore to celebrate the start of summer, make sure you’re stocked up onSoom so you can bring this star-spangled spread to life.

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