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Plan a virtual cooking party!

Plan a virtual cooking party!

eggs benedict

Getting together with family and friends can be tough, even when there’s not a pandemic! If you’re spread out across the country, meaningful get togethers are even tougher. That’s why we’re obsessed with virtual cooking parties! Whether it’s for a Ladies Night Out, a Bachelorette Party, Family Reunion, or even just a Sunday brunch, cooking together is an amazing way to bring people together.

As the host, pick 1-2 recipes based on your party theme and gather the recipe links and ingredient lists. Send them along with your digital invite and Zoom link. If you want to go all out, assemble ingredient kits to ship to all of your guests. They’ll love getting a beautiful box of goodies ahead of your meetup. (Check out our extensive recipe collection for ideas.)

For a recent Soom cooking party, we madeEggs Benedict with Tahini Hollandaise. The kit we shipped ahead of time had all of the non-perishable ingredients likeSoom Premium Tahini,Dam Good English Muffins,The Spice House Sumac, andPineapple Collaborative The Salt Bag. Also included in the curated boxes were our adorableSoom aprons and the amazingMini Supoon as an added surprise! We placed grocery delivery orders for the fresh, perishable ingredients that arrived the morning of the party.

virtual cooking party ingredient kit

There are so many ways to approach the event itself. If your group likes organization or is new to cooking, leading the group through the recipe step-by-step could be a great option. If your friends are super social and want to chat, kick things off with a little cooking and then see where the day takes you! Having some fun conversation starters or games ready could add a lot of fun to the activity. 

Hopefully, by the end of your cooking time, everyone will have a dish ready to enjoy! If the conversation is one you don’t want to end, take your food and your laptop to the table and keep the party going! Once you try a virtual cooking party, you’ll want to do it more often!

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