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Top 14 people to give Valentine's cards (free printable cards inside!)

Top 14 people to give Valentine's cards (free printable cards inside!)

heart shaped cookies

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the day you show someone how much you care for them. If you’re  struggling to find the words to express yourself or need a card to go with thechocolate tahini you ordered, we came up with a few punny ways you can get your feelings across. Even if you’re celebrating on your own, there are so many people who would appreciate a little bit of kindness. Wrap up a pack of freshly made sugar cookieswith colorful icing and give someone a Valentine. We made a list of 14 people you can give an aweSOOM Valentine’s Day card to on February 14th. 

  1. You’re kiddo. You know, the one who already hears how much you love them all the time! 
  2. Your bestie who might not hear it enough 
  3. The person who taught you how to cook 
  4. Your manager who supports and guides you 
  5. The neighbor that lends you a hand 
  6. The person who introduced you to Soom
  7. Your babysitter that looks out for your little nuggets 
  8. The person who you look forward to watching the Food Network with
  9. A co-worker or cubemate who helps you out when you need it 
  10. Someone you like to share your snacks with
  11. Your favorite sous chef to have by your side 
  12. The head cook at your favorite restaurant
  13. Rihanna 
  14. Your mom, dad, or grandparents

Download your free printable Valentine’s cards here

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