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Make the most of your outdoor dining experience

Make the most of your outdoor dining experience

outdoor dining

Who doesn’t love a meal in the open air? Well, dining a la fresco can get a little frustrating when you’re swatting at mosquitoes or your favorite cocktail is watered down by rapidly melting ice cubes. With these quick and easy tips, your outdoor dining experience will be more enjoyable than ever before! 

  • Set your table up on a level surface. No one wants to battle a wobbly table while trying to enjoy a meal. 
  • Invest in food covers likethese to keep the bugs out of your cooking. 
  • Add lighting. Lights can add atmosphere but can also be functional. Using torches or citronella candles helps to keep the bugs away! (Make sure to practice proper fire safety by keeping torches far from flammable surfaces and properly secured.)
  • Include plants like lavender, citronella, mint, marigolds, and rosemary in your decor. They are a great way to naturally repel pests. 
  • An outdoor fan (solar powered if possible!) is another way to keep cool and keep the bugs at bay.
  • Use bluetooth speakers and your phone or iPad to bring music outside. 
  • Add cushions and decorative pillows to chairs and patio furniture to create a more inviting, comfortable seating area. 
  • Watch the weather and prepare if there’s rain in the forecast. Use patio umbrellas, canopies, or a porch so it doesn’t rain on your parade. But don’t skip eating outdoors, the sound of rain pitter pattering can be incredibly soothing. (Please practice proper fire safety if using a covering and candles or torches.) 
  • Once your drink menu is planned, freeze a batch into ice cubes. When they melt, your drinks won’t be watered down. (Brilliant, right???) This idea works well with sparkling water, too. Freeze ice with fruit or herbs to flavor your water as the ice cubes melt. 
  • Any place can be a great location for outdoor dining! Even if you only have a small balcony or a local park, you can make it a memorable experience with just a little prep. 
  • For great recipe ideas, don’t forget to visit ourFREE recipe library
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