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Premium Tahini

Don’t settle for any tahini, Soom Premium Tahini is the best! It’s silky-smooth, mildly-nutty, and easy to mix. The secret is in the seeds. We use only premium sesame seeds that are roasted and ground to perfection. Add Soom to any dish, savory or sweet, to make even your favorite dish better! 

Soom Premium Tahini is nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, certified kosher, paleo and keto-friendly.


We are no longer selling products directly on SoomFoods.com as of 12/22/2023. 

You can find Soom products on AmazonThrive Market, Misfits Market, or at retailers like Publix and Whole Foods MarketVisit our store locator or submit a store request HERE.

Soom Tahini is great for more than just hummus (although that’s a pretty great way to use it, too)! It’s a perfect base for dressings, sauces, dips, and spreads and makes your favorite soups and smoothies extra creamy. If you love your baked goods super moist and rich (and who doesn’t) try adding Soom Tahini!
If you don’t use it all trying out the amazing recipes on our website, Soom Tahini can be stored in a cool, dry pantry for a silky smooth consistency or in the fridge for a more spreadable texture. Mix your tahini before using for the best results.
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