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Tahini 101: How do you store tahini?

Tahini 101: How do you store tahini?

pouring tahini in bowl

We get a lot of questions about how to properly store tahini and we know it's because you want that liquid gold to tastes its best in all of your recipes! So here are the answers to all of your tahini storage questions in one easy-to-access spot. Check out the FAQ page for even more tahini info.  

How long does Soom Tahini last unopened?

The shelf-life is 2+ years (fridge or pantry), but please reference the “best by” date for the freshest, most delectable flavor. 

How long does Soom Tahini last after opening?

Soom Tahini can last for a year after opening. The only thing that will make tahini “turn” is contamination with moisture. That's why we always stress using a clean, dry utensil when scooping that liquid gold from the jar. 

What happens after owning tahini for longer than its shelf life?

The texture of the tahini and the natural oils might start to harden, so the tahini might get thick and stiff making it more difficult to stir or mix. As long as it hasn't been exposed to moisture or excessive heat, the tahini should still be safe to eat. (At your own discretion, of course.) 

Why can tahini last so long?

Tahini can last so long because its natural oils act as a preservative! Cool, right?

The big debate... fridge or cabinet? Do you need to refrigerate tahini? 

We recommend storing your tahini in a cool and dry area, away from heat and moisture. Ideally, a pantry a cabinet would be ideal. Like peanut butter, you can also store tahini in the refrigerator if you like it thicker. So it's really up to you... store in the fridge for thicker tahini or in the pantry for super easy to mix and pour tahini. 

Soom’s tahini doesn’t separate as much as the competitors. Why is that?

Easy answer? Soom is the best! Longer answer... from the high quality seeds to the grinding process, Soom makes quality our #1 priority. We are constantly refreshing our inventory with the freshest ground tahini, ensuring it doesn't easily separate. All these things mean Soom tahini is creamier, smoother, and just plain better than the rest! 

What happens if the tahini eventually starts to separate?

Separation is totally normal, especially if you're not using it often. (Come on now, with all of the great recipes on our website, you should be using it everyday!) All you need to do is shake the bottle or stir and you are good to go! Separated tahini is safe to consume as long as it's used by the best-by date and/or smells fresh and tahini-like. 

Does tahini go bad, and how do you know if it goes bad?

Tahini can go bad, especially if it's exposed to moisture or direct heat. It will have a noticeable, sharp rancid smell. 


Want to know something else about Soom Tahini? Check our the FAQs or other blog posts. 

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December 05, 2023

Well, I tried Soom products because I felt so good in response to the ep who communicates here! I’m back because of the quality …



October 13, 2023

I have Tahini as well as peanut butter that says to keep in fridge after opening. But these are stated on the label.

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