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World's Easiest Chocolate Truffles

World's Easiest Chocolate Truffles




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Liza F

Liza F

May 27, 2022

I usually only rate recipes that I can highly recommend, but wanted to comment on the “World’s Easiest Chocolate Truffles” to save someone else the trouble of wasting a perfectly good jar of Soom trying to make this recipe! An important step is missing. Prior to Step 2, the tahini mixture must be frozen for at least 10 minutes or else you can never roll into a ball, it just gets smeared all over your hands. However, adding that extra step still does not salvage this recipe. It should also be noted that the “truffles” must be served frozen, because after a few minutes at room temperature they lose shape and you might as well as try eating the tahini straight from the jar- with your hands. I felt that most of the tahini went down the drain while I washed it off my hands. Surely there are better uses for Chocolate tahini than this recipe. The chocolate tahini tastes like chocolate halvah and I hope to find a recipe for a better dessert than this one. Soom Recipe Tasters- please take note!

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