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Hummus Mash-Up: Non-Traditional Hummus

Hummus Mash-Up: Non-Traditional Hummus

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The most delicious hummus is lusciously creamy, yet also light and fluffy. It is a smooth and spreadable addition to a warm pita or a dip for fresh summer veggies. It is nutty and full of flavor due to the tahini, with bright notes of herbs and citrus. If you are searching for a creative new twist on this snack-time favorite, try one of these non-traditional hummus recipes! They have the luscious texture that makes hummus so irresistible, but use unexpected ingredients that bring exciting flavors and texture to spice up your snack time. 
However, before experimenting with these crowd-pleasing non-traditional hummus recipes, we recommend perfecting one of our favorite classic hummus recipes. With a simple blend of only a few ingredients, these essential recipes will give you a satisfying plant-based dip or spread. 


The Best Hummus Recipe Ever

You probably already have a few containers of hummus sitting in your fridge right now. But if you’re looking for an all-star dip to satisfy your cravings or amaze your guests, we recommend whipping up this delicious hummus at home. Using a few of ourtips and tricks for the best hummus ever you can achieve a dip, which is perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. This classic recipe achieves a flavor that is subtly garlicky, slightly acidic, and richly nutty. The texture is lusciously creamy, light, and fluffy — basically all of the characteristics you want in a hummus.  So, this is why we believethis is the best hummus recipe.


Hummus Recipe From Jessica In The Kitchen

This classic hummus recipe was inspired byJessica’s time in Israel, where she discovered the key to perfecting homemade hummus and thatnot all tahini is created equal. Her recipe is a rich and creamy dip, dressing, or side for snacks or meals. Plus, the aromas while preparing this recipe will transport you to the foodie haven of Tel Aviv’s markets. Create this filling dish that compliments most foods by spreading it on sandwiches, or topping off salads and bowls. Our favorite way to enjoy it is by dipping crispy raw veggies and pita chips into the luscious perfection that is this hummus. 

But if you’ve already mastered traditional hummus at home, get creative with one of these non-traditional options. Thanks to the popularization of hummus at restaurants and at home, people have found some delicious ways to challenge the hummus status-quo. The hummus craze has expanded creative and innovative takes beyond the traditional blend of chickpeas and tahini. Try some of these non-traditional hummus recipes to discover bold and unexpected flavors, that go waybeyond the chickpea.


Charred Jalapeño And Corn Hummus

This Charred Jalapeño and Corn Hummus is a vegetarian and gluten-free appetizer perfect for summer entertaining. Serve it with tortilla chips, pita, or crudités for a dazzling dip. It is infused with the sweet and smoky heat of charred jalapeños, toasty richness of tahini, and zing of lime juice for the perfect summer flavor. The corn and feta topping add pops of sweetness and salty tang, plus some textural interplay. The addition of jalapeños adds a subtle heat and earthy sweetness which melds beautifully with the mellow earthiness oftahini. When prepared in advance, this hummus keeps as a snack throughout the week. Although we gotta say, we doubt it’ll last that long! Consider preparing this dip for your summer cookouts to steal the spotlight of the appetizer spread.


Beet Hummus

For all of you roasted beet-doubters out there… hear us out. The sweetness and rich earthiness of beets not only give traditional hummus a run for its money, but also adds the most gorgeous pop of fuschia we’ve ever seen! And can we talk about the additional vitamins and nutrients beets pack?! This particular dip is a powerhouse of nutritional benefits.  This healthy appetizer is low maintenance but highly impressive-looking, so it will wow your guests. 
This Spicy Avocado Hummus dip is a simple combination of guacamole and hummus with a spicy Sriracha kick. Finish this luscious dip with fresh summer corn, salty crumbled cheese and fresh cilantro for an irresistible healthy snack.  Whip this silky smooth, ultra creamy dip up in only ten minutes for an absolutely addictive year-round dip. 


Sweet Potato Hummus

This delicious spiced Sweet Potato Hummus requires only eleven ingredients that you probably already have kicking around your pantry. This combination of earthy sweetness, vibrant spices and earthytahini pairs beautifully with raw veggies, pita chips and crackers. It also makes a wonderful spread for sandwiches or a sweet start to your morning as a spread for toast. 


Red Lentil Hummus

If you’re obsessed with hummus and enjoy making it at home, you need to make this particular hummus. After spending time with Sam Burglar ofTusk (you know, the restaurant that makes the creamiest, dreamiest hummus in Portland),Local Haven was inspired to take his tricks & apply them to her fluffy, delicate red lentil hummus. We’d be lying if we didn’t learn a thing or two from her blog post for this recipe. Although this hummus is chickpea-less, it doesn’t disappoint on flavor or texture.


Butternut Squash Hummus

This is just the appetizer you need before Thanksgiving dinner! Start by simmering Beanstory Organic Garbanzo Beans with a teaspoon of baking soda for a smooth, fluffy hummus. A touch of curry powder adds warmth to the roasted squash for a smooth and festive dip. The perfect addition to a crudité platter of fresh veggies. 

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