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Easy food to bring to a potluck

Easy food to bring to a potluck

brownies with sea salt

So, you just got invited to a potluck and now you’re stressed about what to cook? Instead of bringing store bought chips and dip, let’s look at some ways you can be the hero of the party without too much effort!

Side dishes and desserts reign supreme at potlucks, bringing all the delicious comfort to a summer get-together. And luckily it’s easy to jazz up a boring potato salad or coleslaw with a little Soom Tahini! And don’t forget the homemade dip, because the party isn’t complete without hummus! 

Here’s some of our favorite dishes that will stand out and make your potluck contribution a crowd pleaser! 


Grilled ZucchiniGrilled Zucchini Hummus is a fantastic option if you’re looking to create a “hummus” without chickpeas. It’s a great vegan dish for any summer meal or potluck.!    Greek Tahini Pasta Salad is tangy, fresh, and herbaceous. It’s tossed with an incredibly delicious creamy tahini red wine vinaigrette, which ties all of the flavors together perfectly! Customize to fit the tastes of any of your potluck guests.     Chewy, caramelly blondies are the perfect potluck dessert. Make an extra batch to keep at home since these blondies will be the first dish eaten.




Once your friends realize how Soom makes food better, send them over to our free recipe library so they can repay the favor by whipping up a dish for you!

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