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Wholesale Double Chocolate Snack Bites

Size: 5.29 oz Pouch - 8 Ct Case

You want a soft and chewy, chocolate snack with hidden bites of chocolatey goodness that's good for you and doesn't skimp on flavor? Check and check. Soom Tahini Double Chocolate Snack Bites are made with real, simple ingredients like dates, tahini and oats mixed together with cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips for a rich, deep chocolate flavor we can’t get enough of! Soom Snack Bites bites celebrate everyday ingredients you’re familiar with without compromising on taste. Enjoy these sweet, soft, and chewy bites for quick energy to make the most of your day! Each bite packs 1g of plant-based protein and is free of refined sugar, sugar alcohols, and “natural” or artificial flavors. Keep the resealable pouch nearby for snacking anytime, anywhere. 

Each pouch contains 5 servings. 


People want snacks made with simple ingredients that actually taste good that can be eaten any time of day.

  • Satisfying snack that can be enjoyed at all times during the day.
  • Keep them in your car, bag, or desk to make the most of your day.
  • Dip in sweet tahini, crumble on yogurt or ice cream, or enjoy right from the pouch!


All flavors of Soom Tahini Bites are

  • Made from real simple ingredients like dates, tahini, and oats.
  • Free of refined sugars, sugar alcohols, and “natural” or artificial flavors.
  • Vegan, dairy-free, certified kosher, refined sugar-free, and low-sodium. 
  • Powered by plant-based protein.
    Drizzle on pancakes, replace other sweeteners in smoothies and sauces, top roasted veggies to really wow your family, and use it in your favorite craft cocktails. (Did we mention silan is amazing in cocktails?)
    Store Soom Silan in a cool, dry pantry for easy drizzling.


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