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Soom makes spring recipes tastier!

crispy parm potatoes

This might be your new favorite way to eat potatoes! These crispy smashed potatoes are dusted in parmesan cheese & paired with a creamy, savory Garlic Yogurt Tahini Dip.

lemon poppy loaf

Like the daffodils and tulips blooming in our gardens, so is our love for all things lemon! This Lemon Poppy Loaf is a sweet and delicious treat to bake all spring and summer.

spring veggie gnocchi

Got a case of Spring Fever? This pillowy homemade gnocchi will dothe trick! The creamy tahini sauce paired with the seasonal veggies brings just the right balance of fresh and rich flavors.

Soom makes food better!

the secret is in the seeds

We use the highest quality sesame seeds for our tahini.


We source seeds with a highoil-to-meat ratio and blend them to perfection using age old techniques. The result is a silky-smooth consistency that can't be beat!

easy to mix

Because of our premium seeds and special grinding process, Soom tahini separates less than the others. If you do need to mix, it's quick and easy, unlike those other rock hard brands.

mild nutty flavor

High quality seeds that are roasted at the right temperatures result in tahini that is mildly nutty and not overly bitter. Soom tahini brings balance and flavor to any dish!

Mix and Match Build Your Own 3-Pack

Don’t settle for any tahini, Soom Premium Tahini is the best! It’s silky-smooth, mildly-nutty, and easy to mix. The secret is the seeds. We use only premium sesame seeds that are roasted and ground to perfection.

tahini milkshake kit

Just like our Premium Tahini, Soom Organic Tahini’s silky-smooth texture and mildly-nutty flavor adds depth to any dish! The secret is in the seeds. We use only premium, certified organic sesame seeds that are roasted and ground to perfection.

hummus kit

Looking for something that tastes indulgent but is secretly good for you? Look no further than this fan favorite! Just when you thought the deep, rich flavor and fudgy texture couldn’t get any better, we went ahead and added flaky sea salt!

have you heard?

We launched Tahini Bites! Upgrade your snacking game with our new on-the-go bites that are made with Soom Premium Tahini and all-natural, wholesome ingredients like oats and dates!

sister founded

The "Soom Sisters" founded Soom in 2013 when they realized the high quality tahini they enjoyed overseas wasn't available in the US. Ever since, they've been sharing how the taste, texture, and versatility of Soom Tahini makes food better! So gather your family and friends and bring everyone to the table with the deep, rich flavor of Soom!