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meet our newest product line...
Soom Snack Bites!

People want snacks made with simple ingredients that actually taste good that can be eaten any time of day.


Lucky for them, Soom Snack Bites are just what they're looking for! Soom Snack Bites are wholesome soft and chewy snacks made from real, simple ingredients for anytime snacking. And they're free of refined-sugar, sugar alcohols, and preservatives!


We were inspired by the delicious, nutritious, and versatile qualities of tahini and set out to prove that tahini makes everything taste better.

real, simple ingredients

Soom Snack Bites celebrate everyday ingredients you're familiar with without compromising on taste. They're made from simple ingredients like dates, tahini, and oats.

a fit for any need

Our bites are vegan, dairy-free, kosher, and low-sodium! They're also free of refined-sugars, sugar alcohols, and preservatives.

seed-powered superfood

Each bite contains 1g of plant-based protein and provides quick energy to power anyone through their busy days.


cherry chocolate

Rich pockets of dark chocolate chips round out the tartcherries for a perfectly balanced soft & chewy bite we can't stop snacking on.

double chocolate

Enjoy hidden bites of chocolatey goodness in a deeply rich chocolate treat that's actually good for you!

maple coconut

Coconut’s tropical notes complement the sweetness of maple and nutty tahini, creating a flavor unlike any other.


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