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5-Minute Snack Hacks

5-Minute Snack Hacks

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Everyone needs a lil’ snack break! Snacks keep us energized, provide essential nutrients, and keep the hanger away. To make sure you’re feeling good and ready to seize the day, we made a list of some of our favorite snacks using some of our fan favoritesthat always put us in a good mood. 


  1. Unreal Gems &Maple Tahini Granola: Maple Tahini Granola is one of our favorite recipes. But it’s also incredibly flexible, which makes it great for meal prep. Besides enjoying like a cereal with a splash of almond milk, it’s also great over yogurt or an acaí bowl. But have you tried it as the base for a hearty trail mix? Add some extra nuts, raisins, and a handful of Unreal Gems for a chocolatey surprise. Portion it out into reusable containers and add to lunchboxes, hiking backpacks, or beach bags.
  2. Lesser Evil Popcorn &Soom Chocolate Tahini: Did someone ask for the ultimate sweet and salty combo? Drizzle Chocolate Tahini all over your popcorn. Enjoy it with a pile of napkins nearby or pop it in the freezer to make chocolate popcorn clusters. What a delicious way to elevate movie night!
  3. Love Corn andSoom Squeeze Packs: These are two of our go-to snacks when running around town or heading out into nature. We always keep them both in our bags for a quick energy boost. They’re light, compact, and hold up to the summer heat. But they’re not only great together away from home, next time you make a big salad with tahini dressing, sprinkle your favorite Love Corn flavor on top to add crunch and a pop of flavor!
  4. BOBO’s Toaster Pastries &Soom Chocolate Tahini orVanilla Bean Tahini: If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to eat breakfast, this combo will have you running to the kitchen as soon as you wake up! Spread sweet tahini on your toaster pastry for a scrumptious icing alternative. 
  5. Verb Energy &Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt: As if Verb bars weren’t good enough already, try dipping one of them into Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt. Oh. My. Goodness. 
  6. Smart Sweets andSoom Squeeze Packs: If your sweet tooth is never satisfied, keep a well supplied stock of Smart Sweets candy and Soom Squeeze Packs. Sometimes it’s ok to indulge without feeling guilty, and this combo comes with good vibes only!
  7. Quinn Snacks &Soom Chocolate Tahini: If eating Chocolate Tahini with your fingers is getting to be a little messy, Quinn Snacks pretzels make a great alternative. Their crunchy, whole grain pretzels are like edible utensils! And if you want a really mind-blowing treat, dip their peanut butter filled pretzels into ourDark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt. Whoa…

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