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Best of Philly: Restaurant List

Best of Philly: Restaurant List

Best of Philly: Restaurant List

Heading into Philly? Our hometown is one of the best food cities in the country! Here's our Best of Philly list (in no particular order!) We probably missed a few and there are always incredible new dining options opening, so talk to locals to get all the best food tips. We promise you won't be disappointed!

  1. Goldie

  2. Zahav

  3. K'Far

  4. Dizengoff

  5. Laser Wolf

  6. Reading Terminal Market

  7. Suraya

  8. Cheu Fishtown

  9. Apricot Stone

  10. Spice Finch

  11. Fork

  12. Forsythia

  13. Isot

  14. High Street

  15. Cafe La Maude

  16. Triangle Tavern

  17. Reap Wellness

  18. Middle Child

  19. Double Knot

  20. Wilder

Here's what the Soom Crew has to say!

"Triangle Tavern has the BEST specials and so many vegan options! I love the buffalo seitan wings and seeing what the latest pizza creation is" - Diana


"Double Knot is definitely one of my favorites. Their black cod fried rice is exceptional! It’s perfectly balanced and touches upon all flavor notes you crave." - Julie


"It's a basic Philly staple, but Middle Child's shopsin club is one of my favorite things to eat in Philly!" - Hannah


"There's nothing quite like a Goldie Tahini Shake! My kids and I plan our excursions around them. We even keep reusable "fat" straws in the car just in case we're close enough to a Goldie to grab one while we're out and about." - Dana


"Fork is great for a fancy lunch or a no fuss perfect dinner!" - Amy

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Gail Vladimir

Gail Vladimir

May 01, 2023

Just began using your tahini from following The Mediterranean Dish, love the product. Did not know you were all female owned AND from Philadelphia!! I am Philly born and raised, the best dining city ever, I just got some more dining places from your blog!

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