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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $45.99! Flat rate shipping on all other orders!

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Soom tahini is made from premium white sesame seeds... that’s it!

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there's no place like the kitchen table

to bring us together as a family. We think the taste and versatility you’ll find in every jar of Soom will draw your family and friends to the table too!

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save 15% with subscribe & save

Never worry about having a fully stocked pantry with Soom subscriptions! Silky-smooth tahini will be delivered directly to your door on the schedule you choose. And the best part? You save 15% on all subscriptions!

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discover 100+ uses

explore our FREE recipe library for hundreds of mouth-watering recipes!

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pressed from the best

"The ONLY tahini I use. Smooth, never have to mix it. Smooth to the bottom of the jar, NEVER has the oil on top and hard-as-a-rock tahini on the bottom."-Joanne

"MY NEW ADDICTION!! Dark chocolate tahini is so seriously replaced Nutella in my life."-Rory

"I was so surprised at how delicious this Tahini is. Can’t believe it. Totally different than the other brands of organic tahini."-Mish

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