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Wholesale Tahini Sachets

Size: Chocolate 1oz Sachet - 6 Ct 10-Pack Master

Soom tahini is now available in convenient, on-the-go squeeze packs! Include in takeout and catering orders; offer as a grab-and-go add-on; or add a boost to yogurt bowls, granola, ice cream, or fruit bowls. Now Soom tahini can be enjoyed anywhere!

*Premium Tahini sachets require additional lead time. Please contact your sales representative prior to ordering. 

Knead before drizzling on your favorite foods or enjoying straight from the sachet!

Soom squeze packs are conveniently portioned for single-serve use. Sealed product is shelf-stable. 

Premium: Tahini (Sesame Seeds)

Chocolate: Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Powdered Pure Cane Sugar, Cocoa Powder.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt: Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Powdered Pure Cane Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt. 

Vanilla Bean: Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Powdered Pure Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Bean Specks. 

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