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tahini mushroom
barley soup

Sweater weather is here and that means curing up with a hearty bowl of soup. This rich barley soup is loaded with immune boosting mushrooms, crunchy veggies, and umami flavor. Tahini and parmesan cheese add body to the creamy, earthy broth. Easily made on the stovetop or slow cooker for a cozy weeknight meal ready for the family to ladle up at any time!


tahini BBQ
pulled chicken

The star of this recipe is the incredibly flavorful tahini BBQ sauce. It’s full of sweet and savory smoky flavors and is the perfect sauce to toss with shredded chicken in the slow cooker for an easy meal. The pulled chicken is super versatile and perfect for nachos, tacos, or sandwiches! Make a double batch to use in meal prep throughout the week.



tahini feta

The easiest homemade whipped feta with a tahini twist! Made with just 4 main ingredients and blended in a food processor for a delicious, creamy dip or spread that’s so versatile you’ll want to use it everyday! Use it as a spread on toast or crackers or serve is as a dip with fruits and veggies. We love it with raw honey, sliced figs, and an extra drizzle of tahini.


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